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Software Web Solution (SWS) is a company which offers web development, web design, CMS development, open source development and Magento development services. In a world which relies mostly on technology, people who are skilled at these highly technical fields are hard to come by. This is precisely where we come in. One of the main services that SWS offers is Magento development, which is useful for those who have business-oriented websites.


First released in the middle of 2008, Magento is an open source application similar to the more popular osCommerce. If you’ve ever browsed through online shopping sites, you would be familiar with features like the shopping cart where you can virtually add items and pay for them upon checkout.

These features are made using applications like Magento and osCommerce. But how does one compare with the other? Here are a few quick reasons why it pays to go with Magento:

Magento Commerce is SEO-friendly.If you would like to increase your ranking in popular search engines like Google, a site which was built around the Magento Commerce application will do wonders with your ranking.

Magento Commerce has an ultra-flexible pricing structure. No matter what your budget is for developing the site, there should be a Magento e-commerce development package that suits your needs to a tee.

Websites designed using Magento customization simply looks better. Seeing as how osCommerce seems to be the direct competitor or Magento Commerce, it’s all a matter of gauging which one is better. In terms of the look that you’d want to create for the site, Magento customization allows for a cleaner, more streamlined web page.

Magento Commerce-designed websites are secure.Security of credit card information is the one concern that online shoppers have. When your site is developed using Magento Commerce, secure payment gateway integration is used to protect sensitive personal and financial data.

Magento Commerce-developed sites are highly customizable. Sites made with Magento Commerce are customizable in such a way that if you want to import your osCommerce data to Magento, you can easily do so. The features are also scalable for future enhancement, and third party components can be easily integrated so that you can introduce new features on the site.

You can take advantage of the OnePage Checkout feature. Instead of risking having an online buyer veer away from the site when shopping for goodies, the OnePage Checkout feature allows you to prominently display products on the site.


Here at SWS, our goal is to make Magento development easier for you. You can refer to our site when hiring Magento design services. Once you hire magento web developer through our site, you can rest assured that he or she has plenty of years of experience in Magento development and Magento e-commerce development.

When you have a sales-oriented site, it is important to have a secure payment gateway, prominently displayed products, and an efficient order-processing system. All these will be ensured by the Magento design developer that you will hire through SWS.

From Magento design development to customization, e-commerce design, online store development, skinning – all the way to custom modules development, we can provide expert and efficient design solutions for you.

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